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Planting  a 100 sq. ft. pollinator paradise


Planting Tips & Advice

Learn about planting and gardening practices that attract pollinators to yards and provide healthy habitats. Click this link to read about the dos and don'ts of pollinator gardening.


Planting a Paradise for Pollinators

You may be asking: what should I plant for pollinators and how? 

Pollinator-friendly habitats support a diverse range of pollinators including bees, moths, birds, beetles, flies, bats, and certain species of wasps. Beneficial habitats are composed of a wide variety of plant species, combinations of early, mid, and late blooms, large clusters of flowers, and high percentages of native plants. A diverse selection of plants, with a variety of “colors, sizes, shapes, heights, and growth habits,” attract a diverse selection of pollinators. While generalists, such as common honey bees, forage from a wide variety of plants, other specialist pollinators rely on specific plants with unique colors and structures. 


Check out our information on planting tips & advice, plant guides, and additional resources

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